Friday 9 of December, 2022
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Jameson Irish Whiskey to Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day at Urban Picnic's 3rd Edition

Ever been to Ireland? Jameson Irish Whiskey is the closest you'll come to the real taste of it.

Staff Writer

For the third year running, MO4 Network is taking over the Greek Campus's vast rooftop to build a playground for the city's glitterati, otherwise known as Urban Picnic. Joining in the festivities next weekend is the premium Irish brand, Jameson Irish Whiskey. What's their agenda? Well, for those of you in the know, upon us is Saint Patrick's Day, Ireland's most popular and celebrated public holiday, and Jameson Irish Whiskey is out to celebrate it in a big blow-out fit for the extra special occasion.

Being the world's most famous Irish whiskey brand, Jameson Irish Whiskey have made it their mission to bring a true taste of Ireland to every corner of the world. And let's be real, what's a better way to get to know another culture than drink and party their way? Nadda.

While Urban Picnic is an exclusive, non-ticketed, event, you can still observe this glorious day wherever you may be, just get your hands on Jameson Irish Whiskey and you're set. Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone!

Photo: Urban Picnic Vol. 2/ CairoZoom.

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