Wednesday July 24th, 2024
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Jeddah's Airport Unveils Media Centre for Journalists Covering Hajj

Saudi Arabia prepares for the upcoming Hajj season from a logistical and journalistic perspective to improve coverage.

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Jeddah's Airport Unveils Media Centre for Journalists Covering Hajj

The Ministry of Transport and Logistic Services inaugurated the media centre for the 2024 Hajj season at the Hajj and Umrah terminals in King Abdulaziz International Airport, Jeddah. With a focus on assisting over 1,300 journalists from 16 countries, the centre operates round-the-clock to provide shared workspaces and real-time updates during the arrival and departure of pilgrims.

This initiative, complemented by the Makkah Route Initiative led by the Ministry of Interior, aims to enhance media efficiency and accommodate both local and international media outlets, offering services in Arabic, English, French and Urdu.

With a focus on transportation and logistics systems for pilgrims, the ministry plans to introduce 32 new technologies, including road-cooling technology and automatic monitoring technology, to improve efficiency, safety, and comfort during Hajj. Additionally, initiatives like the luggage-free Hajj and rubberized sidewalk aim to reduce logistical challenges and enhance pilgrims' overall well-being.