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Jihadists Love Lionel Messi?!

Notorious militant group ISIS is calling on footie superstar Lionel Messi to abandon football and join the jihad after he scored the winning goal against the Iranian team in the World Cup match on Saturday.

Footie superstar Lionel Messi has millions of fans across the world - including ISIS terror nuts.
Social media accounts linked to he Sunni Jihadist group - currently waging war in Iraq and Syria - praised the player following his last minute goal against Shi'ite stronghold Iran on June 21.
Meanwhile the terror nuts also called for the footie ace to swap the football pitch for the battlefield, according to the Mehr News Agency.
A statment released by the group invites the footloose Argentinian to “join the jihadist call.”
The news comes just weeks after an ISIS propoganda video showed a man claiming to be former Arsenal player Lassana Diarra called for youngsters to join the group's twisted battle.
The video was posted in an account linked to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis), which is associated with Al-Qaeda, and comes as part of a gruelling media campaign by the group, showcasing their greusome tactics and calling on the youth to join the jihad.
Diarra was using the nickname Abu Isa Andaluzi, and the caption said: "An ex-football player (Arsenal of London), who left everything for jihad."
The player was forced to issue a full denial following the hoax.