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John Cena to Star in an Egyptian Movie

Most of the wrestler's scenes will be filmed in Egypt.

Wrestling and Hollywood star, John Cena, is set to star in his first ever Egyptian film El Tagroba El Meksekya (The Mexican Experience) for which he’ll be coming to Cairo on November 1st.

Produced by Hussain Al Qolla and written by Mahmoud Hemdan and Mohamed Mehrez,"El Tagroba el Mexicia" is a comedy-action with up to 60% of the scenes filmed in Mexico and 40% in Egypt. All of Cena’s scenes, however are set to be shot in Egypt, announced Al Qolla.  

Cena who'll be playing himself will be joined by another wrestler, who’s yet to be decided on. Hemdan adds that getting the wrestler to agree to the role required quite a bit of convincing, and that he’d asked for a substantial compensation, the equivalent of the production sum for two local films.

While Cena is said to have allegedly requested USD 300 000 for being featured in the film, Hemdan reveals that the wrestling star actually asked for an even bigger number. 

Hemdan clarifies that a world-renowned star was imperative to the film's plan to be marketed on a global scale and the production company found Cena to be the perfect fit for the role. 

John Cena is an American wrestler, actor, rapper and television host. Currently signed to WWE, Cena has taken part in several movies including Blockers, The Marine, 12 rounds and more. 

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