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Jude Benhalim's Gorgeous Sahara-Inspired New Collection Released

With Jude Benhalim's latest collection, we get to wear the Sahara Desert right on our wrists.

Whenever we’ve had enough of the city’s noise, over-crowded streets, and, DRAMA, we often find ourselves mindlessly plotting an escape, maybe even set sail into the desert with no intention to return. But since there's probably no phone signal out there, we're taking solace in the achingly fabulous Sahara-desert-inspired jewellery collection, La Sierra, which the prolific designer just dropped last weekend.The Egyptian designer, who is known for her avant-garde pieces, strikes the right balance of edgy with an undertone of elegance in La Sierra. Exploring the desert’s vast landscapes and golden dunes, Benhalim brings the majestic terrains and dunes straight to our wrists.The collection is made up of 11 gold plated brass and 925 sterling silver pieces including necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. If you're anything like us, the serenades of Aladdin to his princess Jasmine might have had you longing to be an Arabian empress, maybe just without Aladdin. Who needs a man anyways when you can have some gorgeous bling that would outdo Jasmine's on any given day and twice on Sunday?

Infusing hues of petroleum blue, burgundy and teal resin stones, La Sierra stays true to Benhalim's method of using traditional local craftsmanship. The line is reminiscent of cascades golden and sandy hues. As is the case with most of her collections, Benhalim's designs are inspired by the inspiring, strong women in her life.  The young Cairo designer, who founded the brand when she was 17-years-old, experiments with amplified silhouettes and toys with concepts of balance and movement for La Sierra. Paying homage to her roots, Benhalim’s line exudes an air of elegant edginess. These gorgeous pieces will definitely spruce up any outfit, even our straight out of bed, messy shirt, stained jeans office look. La Sierra explores the emblematic aspect of desert topography and transforms the the desert dunes and vast desert calm into wearables. Each statement piece strikes the perfect balance between nature and beauty. Check out her other collections on Instagram.