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Jumia and the Ministry of Health Team Up Against Corona with Their New Guide

Jumia has teamed up with the Ministry of Health to create an online resource to keep you in the know during the time of Corona.


Jumia, one of Egypt’s leading e-commerce platforms, has teamed up with the Ministry of Health and Population in a joint effort to raise awareness on combating the Coronavirus. Knowledge, prevention and necessary supplies will come together to create a virtual ‘how-to Coronavirus’ kit of sorts.

Through Jumia’s website, shoppers will be able to access guidelines on prevention and what to do after being exposed to others, as well as how to go about social isolation. How much distance to maintain, what objects can be shared with others, and how to handle food are just some of the information that will be accessible through their initiative. You will also be able to read instructions on the use of antiseptics, the importance of drinking warm drinks, and a tutorial on washing hands effectively— an ordeal that's a bit more complicated than one might think.

Under the ‘Stay Safe’  tab on their website, the platform has a myth-busting and fact resource on the COVID-19 virus, as well as a full gallery of products like heavy-duty masks, surface cleaners, thermometers, sanitizers, and so on,  so users can get their supplies, info, and their questions answered all in one neat package.