Monday May 29th, 2023
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The brainchild of Audio Damiana, Tamer Auf, brings us the event, Junk. It promises to be a night of raw vibes and heavy beats

Staff Writer

While the rest of Europe was partying up in basements and warehouses, listening to DJs and producers on the top of the underground music scenes, Egypt was still hosting hotel rooftop soirées with Spanish karaoke house DJs. Now that’s fine, people enjoy their nights out in different ways, but the problem in Egypt is that the scene is too small. The same Egyptians who would be in those basements and warehouses in Europe would have to settle for the plastic parties here. Things have changed now, the idea of stripping down all the extras and bringing a party down to it’s essential elements has finally reached Cairo’s zeitgeist, and people are willing to get a bit grimey for the sake of a proper night out. And now, as if to punctuate the paradigm shift that had princesses fist pumping and shabs shoe-gazing, Tamer Auf of Audio Damiana, hosts ‘Junk’ this coming Thursday, at a brand new venue in Zamalek.

“We’re trying to have fun and give people new experiences since we live in a city where that isn’t a luxury.” Auf told us. CairoScene got a sneak peak at the venue last night, and as you could have guessed, it is made up like a junkyard; industrial and completely stripped down, scaffolding bare, metallic compressors and gas canisters spread out sporadically, caged doors and barreled tables. If Edward Scissorhands was into khabt, this is where he’d party.

“It just felt right,” said Auf about coming up with the concept. “Minimalism and simplicity of the venue represents who we are and what our crowd is like. And ironically, we believe it has a lot of aesthetic value.” The music will definitely be matching the atmosphere, with Ahmed Samy (Samio), Auf himself, and Get Physical/Crosstown Rebel’s Siopis spinning Minimal, Deep House and Techno all night long. “The guy has talents beyond DJing and electronic music production,” Auf told us about the visiting German DJ. “He recently took a break from everything and insulated himself for quite some time in the Mexican jungle where he says he connected deeply with nature and himself. He started the project SIOPIS right after, and you can easily tell how unique his sound is compared to other DJs and producers.”

Unfortunately, we're not allowed to disclose anything with regards to getting on the guest list, but for the few hundred or so that were lucky enough to be invited to the private JUNK Facebook group, you're in for a crazy night.