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Egyptian Food Startup Just Cook's Vegetarian Delectables Will Make You Swear Off Meat This Winter

Seems like Cairo's tree-hugging veggie-heads have themselves a good friend over here!

We totally understand how Egypt is no place for a vegetarian. The whole landscape is doomed with carnivorous guilt. Since we're passionate about the green stuff ourselves, we thought we'd apprise you veggie-enthusiasts of the fact that Just Cook has on its menu things that will appeal to the tree-hugger in you.

All you need are the boxes of high-quality ingredients that Just Cook can get delivered to your place, along with the recipe cards that show you, in an extremely simple fashion, how to make some kickass meals out of them. We know you might not be good in the kitchen, but the way the recipe cards clarify things would have even the rookiest of cooks fix gourmet meals in a matter of minutes!  

So, here are a few items that top Just Cook's veggie-lovers list:

You need to be warned, first, that this Quinoa Salad is a quick hook. We're used to good food being too time-consuming or requiring a modicum of kitchen prowess. In the case of Quinoa Salad, however, we're talking about what you might call express super-food, because the nutritious value in a bowl of this munch, from proteins to carbs and fiber, is enough to make a hectic day a healthy one.

We also recommend that you try El-Medardara, and it would probably be the only time a cooking amateur has been able to cook something that sounds so complex! This tasty, tummy-nurturing dish has just about the right amount of carbs and fibers in it to get your cogs oiled!

With that chilly weather here to stay, some soup to warm up our freezing corpses is always nice. Just Cook is playing grandma for the winter, fixing you up with some lentil soup, albeit with two significant differences; this time grandma, finally, understands your blasphemous act of vegetarianism and doesn't sneak in any animal protein. And, also, the lentil soup she cooks for you is Turkish.

To look up the rest of Just Cook's items you can visit their Facebook page.