Wednesday June 7th, 2023
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K for Koueider

Branching out of sweets and into all-day dining, Koueider introduces K-Lounge next week.

Staff Writer

It doesn't get any more recognisable than the name Koueider in Egypt. Since 1928, Koueider has been synonymous with the best Iriental sweets the country has to offer has to offer. Looking to broaden their reputation, Koueider has decided to branch out from classic desserts to offering wide variety of homestyle cuisine launched under their new branding, K-Lounge.

The idea of the K-Lounge restaurant came after discovering the culinary talents of Abdel Rahim Kouieder's grand-daughter Mona. Mona's vision for the K-Lounge is to provide rustic home cooking, giving comfort outside of the home, hoping to develop a close bond between the customers and the owners, and give the feel of an extended family. “You cook for the ones you love, and passion shows in food. That is how I want every customer to feel when they try a meal at K-Lounge,” she explains.

Paying close attention to all the important details from importing high quality products from Italy and Damascus, to its comforting interior filled with plants and hues of lilac furnishing, K-Lounge offers both a relaxing atmosphere for kids, as well as professionals. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, K-Lounge may become the go-to place to eat anytime of the day.

As if that wasn't enticing enough, to celebrate their opening on Wednesday December 18th, K-Lounge will be hosting an event filled with free food tasting, special giveaways and CairoScene’s own Sally Sampson, belting out tunes to a culinary experience you won't soon forget. Knowing how historic the name Koueider has become in Egypt, this may be your chance to witness the rebirth of a legendary brand, reshaping its legacy.

K-Lounge opens on Wednesday 18th December at City Plaza Mall, Fifth Settlement, New Cairo.