Thursday June 8th, 2023
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KFC Delivers to Gaza

Why did the chicken cross the tunnel? To get to the occupied lands.

Staff Writer

Living in Gaza means you sometimes have to forgo things like electricity and water but luckily you can get KFC, delivered fresh from Egypt. Buckets, boxes and bags emblazoned with Colonel Sanders and the local Egyptian delivery number have been spotted moving swiftly through the tunnels between El Arish and Gaza.

A delivery company called Al-Yamama have created an ingenious business out of finger lickin’ cravings coming from Gaza, where Israeli embargos have made it nearly impossible to open an international chain in the district. Families in Gaza order several meals at a time that Al-Yamama deliver in less than four hours, by subterraneously sneaking through the illegal tunnels. How do they make their money? By charging almost double the price of the food being delivered. Although the delivery boys don’t face much trouble from the Hamas forces on the other side, there have been some reports that KFC buckets have been searched, to make sure, we can only assume, that they haven’t been ripped off by the restaurant that’s known for filling the boxes with too many wings and not enough breasts.