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KLM Airlines Stops Flights To Cairo

Royal Dutch Airlines cites Egypt's economic woes in decision to halt service.

According to an announcement on the airline's website, KLM will no longer be making flights to Cairo as of January 8, 2017. 

Amid the continued economic issues brought on by a plummeting tourism industry and a foreign currency crisis, the official statement from the Dutch airline cites economic reasons for the halt, "The devaluation of the Egyptian pound and the decision of the Central Bank of Egypt to impose restrictions on the transfer of foreign currency out of Egypt have a negative impact on results of KLM."

After last October's terrorist bombing of a Russian airliner leaving Sharm El Sheikh, numerous European airlines limited or outright banned flights to the resort and Russia banned flights to the country entirely. 

This new cessation from the Dutch may be an indicator of what the future holds for foreign enterprises in the country if drastic economic measures are not taken soon.