Sunday December 10th, 2023
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One of the featured start-ups at this week's Rise Up Summit, Kablaow's ingenious, immediate contact sharing app certainly caught our attention.

Staff Writer

We've all been there. You wake up bleary-eyed and your head feels like it has spent the night sleeping on a busy microbus route. But wait, this isn't your comfortable home habitat – it's somebody else's bed. And best of all, you have absolutely no idea who they are...

You are left with number of options: do you sneak out unnoticed or perhaps (depending on their err outside beauty) try your luck at repeating this scenario – hopefully next time with memories intact. If opting for the latter – what often follows is an awkward fumbling with phones or scraps of paper in an effort to swap phone numbers before the booze wears off and the walk of shame/stride of pride begins.

Thankfully, one of our resident tech heads (presumably no stranger to these kinds of antics) found Kablaow's team busking for downloads at this week's Rise Up Summit and was certainly taken by the new mobile app which allows users to swap contacts in seconds using just a smartphone and, best of all, you don't even have to remember the other persons name.

When two people decide to exchange contacts they each simply tap on the virtual business card or social media account they want to give, hold up their phones to face each other, and before you know it, their numbers are added to each other's phonebooks, they've followed each on other on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more.

In short – perfect for 'researching' the new found love of your life.

Kablaow is available now from the Google Play store and iTunes. For more information check out the Facebook page here and follow @KablaowApp on Twitter.