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Kakao: Chocolate Fantasies in Cairo

A veritable Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory right here in Cairo? Kakao's cotton candy-filled chocolates and chocolate shawermas are certainly the closest we'll get...

Chocolate is pretty good. So is cotton candy. Combining the two, however, seems sheer impossible. Thanks to Kakao in Garden City that is no longer the case.

Kakao takes chocolate pretty seriously, and their little corner shop in Garden City is stacked up with chocolates in all shapes and forms. Their chocolate counter hosts a variety of over 20 different pralines alone. Most importantly, however, Kakao doesn't just try to make good tasting chocolate but mixes it with an ounce of creativity. 

Chocolates with hazelnuts, chocolates with sprinkles and chocolates covered in white chocolate are all things found in all shops that claim to know chocolate. However, a chocolate barely bigger than a thimble  filled with cotton candy sounds too intriguing not to try. At first bite, a cloud of cotton candy bursts out of the small brown shell, tasting even sweeter that the semi-dark chocolate surrounding it. Below the bed of cotton candy is a thick layer of Kakao's favourite chocolate which blends in with the cotton candy and literally melts in one's mouth. Chocolates of all kinds can be purchased in gift boxes of different sizes, ranging from two to fifty chocolates. To not find a chocolate you like at Kakao simply means you're just not into chocolate.


Pictured above is a chocolate shawerma. Yes, you read that correctly. This is a shawerma lance with no chicken or meat but chocolate. Dark and white chocolate swirls up the lance and is cut with a big knife to make small chocolate pieces fall to the basin. These chocolate pieces are then used to fill a crepe, not a sandwich. As a result, even vegetarians can finally taste Egypt's favorite fast food and satisfy their sweet tooth with some shawerma. It doesn't happen very often that a favourite dish can be both main course and dessert, and if you want this chocolate fantasy to come true you have no choice but to head to Kakao soon. 

Saying "Oh honey, you taste so good!" is no longer taboo, either. At Kakao, they will print your favorite pictures on a piece of chocolate. That means next Valentine's Day you don't have to give your partner a framed picture of yourself anymore. You can actually have that picture printed in chocolate on a praline and nibble on each other. Loving someone to bits has now literally become possible. Kakao features chocolates with pictures of brands, babies, flags and President Sisi. However, by request, they will make your very own One Direction, Bruce Lee or Winnie the Pooh chocolate for any occasion.

Find out more about Kakao on their Facebook page here.