Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Kay's: A Unique Take on Tees

Causing quite the stir with his eye-catching designs, we talk to Mohamed Kishk of Kay's and learn more about his style before the line officially launches at The Closet today...

Staff Writer

There is nothing worse than finding a t-shirt or sweater that you absolutely love, only to find out that everybody has the same exact top, instantly making it lame. Yes,  we're looking at you Superman t-shirts or anything bought at Pull & Bear! Luckily, Kay’s by Mohamed Kishk is a new local brand coming to the rescue of the sartorially inclined in Egypt, providing unique and eye-catching designs. Officially launching at Heliopolis’ The Closet boutique on 8th November, we talk to Kishk to find out more about his designs.

Fed up of having to travel abroad to find cool clothing that wasn't available in Egypt, Kishk decided to stop complaining and start doing something about it. He believed that there has always been a gap between quality and design. “I would sometimes find good designs abroad, but the quality of the materials never matched the quality of premium Egyptian cotton.” Instead of settling with what the market had to offer, Mohamed Kishk decided, eight months, to go to take matters into his own hands, and married the idea of one-of-a-kind, unique designs to Egypt’s most successful export, our great cotton. 

Each of his fun and flamboyant designs is carefully selected to make an immediate connection with the customer. “The fashion industry is very competitive but I believe what I do is unique and very personal. Everyone has their own taste and I try my best to deliver what everyone wants,” he explains about his variety of designs, fits and size. Ranging from pop culture references (we’re loving the print of Om Kalthoum wearing Beats by Dre and we’re sure many a hipster has put in an order for the Lana Del Rey tee) to sweaters emblazoned with full-colour pandas, inspired by a variety of artistic styles, from neoclassic to post-modern, Kay’s designs are certainly expressive. “I’m not saying that my t-shirts portray individuals’ life stories, but I believe that everyone can relate to the variation of quotes or lifestyles that I portray in my line. The message is simple: this is who I am, what I like, and what I believe is true,” adds Kishk.

After a design is finalised by Kishk, only eight pieces are produced, limiting your chances of ever bumping into someone wearing the same gear. Kay's has only been around for a few months but in that that time, a whopping 63 original designs have been introduced. The combination of great design with high quality fabric has resulted in an out pour of positive feedback, not just in Egypt, but globally, as Kishk has had a number of international orders.

Once an order is placed it usually takes three-five days to deliver within Egypt, and seven-14 days abroad. If you would rather see the clothing up close and personal, the whole collection will be showcased at The Closet boutique in Heliopolis on November 8th and 9th. As for the future, Kay's is looking to expand it brands by “introducing the winter collection shortly, as well as diffusion labels, such as the Classic Gold Label, the Explicit Red Label, the Fresh Green Label.”

If you like setting yourself apart than Kay's by Mohamed Kishk is a good start. For further information, check out the Facebook page here