Monday February 26th, 2024
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Kaza Order... At The Same Time!

Who says you have to compromise when ordering food? A new service, launching next month in Egypt, will make the delivery of your dreams...

Staff Writer

Do you ever order KFC and think wow, these fries are way to soggy, this chicken would go a lot better with McDonalds fries? Do you ever order McDonalds and think wow this hamborgor will give me diarrhea, the fries would go a lot better with a medium stuffed crust pizza? Are you ever sitting down with a group of friends or co-workers and think, I would prefer never to eat again and succumb to starvation then have to deal with this incessant back and forth and compromise between what people want so we can all order from the same place?

One website to rule them all will solve all of the above problems at the click of a button or a dial of a number. Kaza Order, set to launch next month, will allow users to go online and place orders from MULTIPLE restaurants, so you can have your dream sushi, milkshake, apple pie combo all from one place. You can also decide a time for delivery so that they all are delivered at the same time. Kaza Order will have a short number too, meaning no more will you be making calls right left and centre like a stock market trade room trying to accommodate to all your friends' food indecisiveness.

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