Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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Keeping Up with the Kiwi

Kiwi birds are all high and mighty about having been around for the last 39 million years, but now they’re all endangered, so we think they need an ego check.

Staff Writer

They can’t fly. They’re nearly blind. It’s like they all missed the memo on evolution. All except for one kiwi. Maadi’s most famous New Zealand expat has evolved quite impressively for such a small bird; it cooks delicious food and concocts amazing smoothies. This kiwi knows how to make healthy food taste great; while the rest of its flock is digging in the ground for bugs, this little bird is creating satisfying food with the freshest of ingredients.

Now Kiwi Café and Restaurant is evolving again, with the introduction of a brand new menu! Kiwi’s new menu features creative dishes in the form of salads, soups, pastas, and more. The new tapas menu includes satays and bruschetta, and lots of other small plates. But you don’t have to eat like a bird at Kiwi, they’ve included a few new steaks and burgers as well.

To celebrate the brilliance of this little bird, Kiwi Café and Restaurant is hosting a launch party on Wednesday night, from 7PM till midnight. The Road 9 restaurant will be overflowing with tapas, salads, and pastas for everyone to try. If your tastebuds aren’t tempted already, this next part will surely whet your appetite: the food is free!

It only took a few hundred millennia, but the flightless bird has finally found its forté in food, so head to Maadi on Wednesday evening and see what Kiwi’s cooking up.

Find out more about Kiwi Cafe and Restaurant on their Facebook page here and follow @KiwiCairo