Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Khaleek Asli

A new traditional Egyptian takeaway and delivery hotspot is keeping things real with their irresistible liver sandwiches. CairoScene bites into Asli...

Staff Writer

Khaleek Asli

Whenever we feel suicidal (which is always these days), we usually head down to 3am Mohsen – a shady street vendor surrounded by cats – for some dangerously delicious kebda, sogo2  with added street dust and some awkward conversation.

Unfortunately, however, it fails to actually kill us and it just makes us sick for days. Which is terrible.

Thankfully, divine intervention has saved us from Hepatitis B and 3am Mohsen’s suspicious tales. We’ve just stumbled on the best street food EVER. The best part? It’s not even made on the street! Rejoice people: Asli opens today.

The latest concept caterers to hit Maadi’s culinary scene, Asli specialises in gourmet versions of retro Egyptian dishes, made fresh and delivered to your door. We got a sneak preview of their mouthwatering sandwiches and we’re hooked. The new delivery-only kitchen’s brilliant branding, emphasising the richness of our local culture and reminding us to keep it real only has us wanting more:

Served in freshly baked fino bread, complete with all your favourite ta7abeesh, Asli’s sandwiches are just that. Asli. So expect kebda every which way, sogo2 eskandarani topped with everything from harissa to Dijon mustard, beid we basterma just like Grandma used to make and diabetes-inducing halawa and eshta to finish it all off.

It might not be gourmet as we know it, but get over yourself and your fafi ways – it’s time to embrace our Egyptianness. And if that comes with a big plate of steaming hot macaroni béchamel, who are we to say no?

Find out more about Asli and join their Facebook fan page here and follow @AsliEgypt for old-school Egyptian idioms and hilarious jokes. Mara wa7ed se3di…