Friday 9 of December, 2022
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Kheir Festival Combines Food, Fashion and More for Charity

Courtesy of Mashroo3 Kheir, Kheir Festival brings us the opportunity to give back to the community whilst indulging in music, fitness, food and fashion.

Staff Writer

It feels good to be selfless; you know, doing your part to help others. And leading the way in the realm of selflessness is Cairo's very own Mashroo3 Kheir, a project connecting eager volunteers who wish to give back to the community with 'kheir' projects happening all over Egypt.

If you are someone who is always thinking about helping out but can never quite find the right project, this is where Mashroo3 Kheir steps in. Keeping us updated and connected to the plethora of interesting and exciting community activities around us, an opportunity that grasps your attention is neigh, and its closer than you think thanks to Kheir Festival, brought to us by Mashroo3 Kheir and Benebny Hayah.

Taking place at the AUC on Saturday 28th March, the Kheir Festival is set to hold a series of events ranging from food, music, fitness and fashion (you had us at food), as well as providing NGO platform support.

Attending the event and keeping us entertained with their infamous sounds are none other than Cairokee followed by the astounding Al Nour Wal Amal orchestra, made up of blind musicians bound to inspire us all. If you are more of a fitness junkie than a music lover, then the El Fit Tournament will keep you entertained. The biggest fitness competition in Egypt will be offering us the chance to take part in their tournament from 1-5pm allowing us to unleash the athlete within...we'd like to think we have one.


Food and fashion will also be in abundance thanks to the presence of the Fashion Installation which will feature designers such as Alia Khafaga, Nada Akram, Mohannad Kojak and many more, alongside a chocolate feast...enough said.

There will even be a number of NGOs at the event ready to inform you and answer any questions you have on providing community support such as Atrakhana, Educate Me, Injaz, Masr El Kheir, Harassmap, Nebny, Nada Lel Tor2 and more

And the best part of it all? Yes, it gets even better, by enjoying all the fun activities you will be contributing to society as all the profits are going to building roofs for a whole village in Fayoum, that's a total of 230 houses.

Tickets are only 75 LE, don't miss your opportunity to do your part and enjoy the festivities! Find out more here.