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Kimbo and Muy Frito Say Thanks to Hospital Staff Fighting Coronavirus by Sending Them Free Food

The restaurants are giving back to all hospital workers with food, in effort for fighting the Coronavirus.


Like all of us, Cairo restaurants Kimbo and Muy Frito have been appreciating all the hard work and sacrifices made by hospital employees, and so they’ve been saying “thank you” by sending them free food! The two restaurants announced that they will be taking online or telephone orders from hospital staff and will send the order to the designated location as soon as they can. From coffee to meals to dessert, these restaurants are here to do what they do best (making food, of course) to help the staff get enough energy to get through their tireless battle against the #Coronavirus.

Todays Events
Date: 11/25/2020
Time: 5:30pm - 8:30pm
Venue: Goethe Institute