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King Farouk Era Aristocrat Aziza Fahmy’s Palace Is Being Sold on Facebook

A mind-boggling advertisement popped on Facebook a couple of days ago announcing that Aziza Fahmy's palace is being sold by a Sudanese real estate firm! Oh, and the lucky owner might have to immediately demolish it upon purchase.

One of Alexandria’s important architectural heritage landmarks, the Aziza Fahmy Palace was built over a century ago and is located in Alexandria’s Ziznia district facing the Mediterranean. A whopping 15,000 square meters, the palace has been in Lady Fahmy’s family for decades. Dame Aziza Fahmy was a prominent Egyptian aristocrat from King Farouk’s court.

We were shocked to learn, through a Facebook post, that the palace has gone up for sale through the Nakhlat El Shamal real estate company, which is based in Sudan. The firm is representing the family in the sale. Despite the price being (drum roll please) EGP 1,275,000,000, we think the whole thing is a little underwhelming, considering that it is being sold on Facebook not in some secret society auction.

Built in the classical style, the palace is truly beautiful, however, it has deteriorated significantly over the years and the Facebook post mentions that the structure will need significant renovations. We were outraged to discover that there is a court ruling for the demolition of the building, so whoever buys the land will probably destroy more of Alexandria’s cultural heritage and make way for a mall or a hotel.

The post requests that payments be made in cash (which is a little shady, but, like, in a Godfather kind of way), and that the land be sold in one piece; not to be sectioned off and sold. It’s a great location overlooking the sea, so if you know someone who has a billion and a half pounds lying around, this maybe a good investment, and if it gets boring, at least you have a new cocktail party icebreaker.

Upon further research, we discovered that there has been several business proposals in the past to turn the palace into a Country Club among other things.