Friday December 1st, 2023
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LNZYS: The Egyptian Furniture Brand Upcycling Dead Trees Into Unique Home Items

No trees were harmed in the making of these otherwise stunning pieces of design.

Staff Writer

"Every tree speaks a different language and breathes a different energy, bringing that into your living space is an experience of its own," the corporate employee-turned-self-taught artist-turned-furniture designer, Nadine Helmy, founder of LNZY's furniture, told us as she dished us on how, with no art background whatsoever, she ditched the corporate ladder and found her true calling as she literally started to paint her dreams into a reality. 

Coloring one canvas after the other, she began experiencing a different side to her with every stroke. But Nadine didn't let the borders of the canvas limit her creativity. A nature enthusiast since a young age, she always dreamt of dabbling into furniture design but did not want to add to nature's wounds through chopping even more trees for wood.

"So I began exploring the idea of upcycling trees that get chopped down in order free up spaces for roads and construction, which end up in incineration plants. It was difficult at first to find the trees, but once I got my hands on my first tree, I was ecstatic and literally went down and bought an electric saw and a few furniture tools with no background whatsoever in such things. I turned on that saw, hacked around the tree, exploring what could be done with it. Slowly but surely, I started seeing results, and back then I'd put these furniture pieces at home and whenever friends came over, they started telling me how great they look. Having a piece of that tree around brought a great energy into the living space, and I wanted everyone to have that sort of experience, so I started getting my hands on as many chopped down trees as I could. and I started chopping away. "

And chopped away she did — founding LNZYS in 2018, a furniture brand dedicated to crafting furniture from upcycled pieces of nature. Offering different pieces of furniture that serve both function and form exquisitely; from tables, chairs, to very cool alternative pots for your plants.

"One tree can produce 20 to 30 Pieces, and each and every chunk of that tree is entirely different. Composing of different properties - From texture, color and shape, it gives you an endless possibility to design."

LNZYS' pieces can bring about an unrivaled boho chicness to your living space, breathing a sense of eclecticism through the occasional incorporation of recycled furniture elements, sourced from a different number of units, they interweave numerous design aesthetics and eras into one single piece of furniture.


Her pieces exhibit a form of sculptural minimalism, achieved by a clean, pure design that sheds light on the dazzling details of tree trunks, allowing the viewer to experience a momentary frame of mother nature, with all of it's striking complexities, geometries, marks, flaws and age. Each LNZYS unit is unique for that very reason, making it an excellent functional centerpiece that will bring life into your living space with both a captivating story and an appearance to match. 

"As long as people are having that sort of interaction or experience with nature in their living spaces, I'll be content with how LNZYS is developing, because that's my main goal. Nowadays, I spend my days hunting for chopped trees in the weirdest places and yards, and you know it's the right tree when it speaks to you and from then on, the tree truly leads the design process. " 

Make sure you check out LNZYS Instagram to be on the update of this nifty designer's latest creations.