Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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La Nuova Vista is Starting the Summer off with a Sunset Yoga Retreat

Summer, yoga and one or two surprises...

Staff Writer

The cold, harsh days of winter are over and summer is finally making an appearance. What better way to celebrate coming out of our state of hibernation than by swapping in our faux-fur coats and layers of clothing for our yoga pants and tank tops? That’s exactly what we’ll be doing at Misr Italia’s Yoga Sunset Retreat.

The real estate mogul will be hosting the event on the 20th of April by the pool at La Nuova Vista, their residential compound in New Cairo which also has great sports facilities (so you know, they know what they're doing). The yoga retreat will feature 3 yoga sessions, Vikasa, Flexibility and AcroYoga.

For those of you who aren’t yogis, allow us to give you a crash course on the different types of yoga they'll be offering. Vikasa yoga is similar to Hatha yoga, which focuses on breathing as well as physical exercise. AcroYoga, on the other hand, uses both acrobatics and yoga. Coming in partnership with TD Athletics, Nefertari and Ariika, the yoga classes will be led by Irin Yoga, who's studied several yoga disciplines including air yoga and Tibetan rituals, Nina Kabbani, who got much of her training in Thailand and Nicolas Gallois, who's a certified AcroYoga trainer. 

Starting from 3:00 PM and going on until 6:00 PM, guests will also be treated to one or two surprises. And maybe once we’re done working up a sweat from all that yoga, we might even consider taking a dip in the pool. 

We don’t know about you but that’s quite a way to start the summer. Three hours of outdoor yoga and free goodies? We’re in.

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