Saturday June 3rd, 2023
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Labyrinths / Matāhāt comes to Cairo and VENT hosts the afterparty

A one of a kind collaboration between underground music masters from Cairo, London and Beirut hits our city this October 22nd.

Staff Writer

A musical collaboration between Cairo, Beirut and London this musical escapade is definitely that different something we're all yearning for in Cairo on October 22nd. Labyrinths / Matāhāt, is a series of international music events across London, Cairo and Beirut starting this autumn, co-produced by Nawa Recordings and 33:33 – the team behind London’s acclaimed St John Sessions. In partnership with The Wire: Adventures In Modern Music, Boiler Room, معازف, and VENT.

The official party will be at the Townhouse/Rawabet and hosting the enigmatic oriental/electronica fusion master who needs no intro, Maurice Louca, however here's one in case you've been living under a rock for the past 10 years. "Following his stunning 3 week tour across Europe, Maurice Louca brings his new live show to Cairo for a very special one-time-only performance. Featuring Bashar Farran (Bass guitar) & Tommaso Cappellato (Drums), they will be joined live by a selection of guest musicians from his latest album."

Louca and his crew are being followed by HELM described as "a rising figure in the world of electronic music, London-based experimentalist Luke Younger (a.k.a HELM) makes his Cairo debut as part of the Labyrinths series. A sound artist and experimental musician, Younger works with a vast array of revolving instrumentation and abstract sound sources. His compositions build dense aural landscapes that incorporate elements of musique concrete and industrial music alongside hallucinatory drones and various acoustic phenomenon."

And to wrap things up, comes the underground cairo mainstay VENT which takes you this time to The Old French Consulate in Downtown Cairo, the venue is being provided courtesy of Al-Ismaelia group and it's a venue that is more than perfect for another dose of their infamous unmistakable After-Hours vibe, and who better to wrap up the night than after-hours dark master AhmedSamy, $$$TAG$$$, and Cairo's most celebrated DJ Aly B who is playing for the first time under his new night's name Cache.

Tickets for the Main Event cost 30 L.E. while all pass holders for the event are guaranteed free entry for the VENT official after-party, as tickets will not be sold for this event.

Find more info on both events, for the main event check out their Facebook page here, and as for the after-hours check out the VENT event page here.