Sunday 27 of November, 2022
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Lakeyard's Good Vibes Rule Hacienda Bay

So much to do and so little time this summer to get it done! Lakeyard is the place you should be if you don't want to waste a moment.

Staff Writer
We’re tearing through summer nearly faster than we can appreciate the sunshine and beach-time, and before you know it you’ll be back to the dreary drudge that is every other season of the year. Full of dreary weather and faced by office windows, you’ll be longing for the sands of Hacienda Bay. Or, you could just make the most out of the precious little time you have – hit up the Lakeyard, and get all the summertime fun you can physically handle all at once in one singularly sensational locale. 
The Lakeyard’s got it all: fine and fun dining destinations abound. You can mow down a burger from Mince, a burrito from Gringo's, or any of the other bajillions of options while taking in the fresh, seaside air, and sparkling view of the water. Then, you can strut your stuff while discreetly gorging on Stavolta’s fancy gelato or a bubble tea from Bubblicious. Within the Lakeyard limits, you can find anything from waffles to spring rolls. And we should let you know that BeFit is on hand to help burn off any excess weight you may have ‘accidentally’ packed on. 
Just because you’re so far from home doesn’t mean you have to go without either – boutiques and snazzy shops, like Amina K and Nada Akram can provide you with everything you could care to find at Lakeyard, so, you'll have more than just a few things that you’ll want to cart back with you. You can even get your hair did by the illustrious Chez Richard. 
Just because you have kids doesn't mean you'll need to cart them around the whole time, listening to their incessant cries for things like food and water. SANE is on hand to keep you and your kids exactly that, sane. Offering all kinds of activities to keep little ones' minds and bodies occupied while you get what you need to get done. And they might even learn something while they're at it. 
With all the good vibes you’ll end up accumulating during your visit to the Lakeyard, you’ll be able to hoard them up to keep you warm and happy during the long winter months to come.