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Lara Scandar Nominated for EMA!

Our picture-perfect pop-tart of bubble-gum gloriousness Lara Scandar has been nominated for an MTV music award. She most certainly has our vote...

We've just discovered that our all time favorite pop sensation Lara Scandar has been nominated for the Best Middle East Act 2013 in the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Let’s just say this, the moment we found out, we were on on the MTV website clicking away just to get her in pole position to win.

We've also decided that today shall be Vote for Lara Scandar day and not work day. Go vote here

We’re also planning on throwing a rally in front of our MO4 offices on the Giza corniche using the posters we usually have covering the walls of the CairoScene department. Go vote here

We just hope when Lara wins she asks us to be her date to the ceremony. Go vote here

And if not, we plan on going anyway. We’ll be the ones holding up the big I HEART LARA SCANDAR signs featuring photoshopped pictures of her with her lovely arms around us. Go vote here