Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Largest Fish Farm in Middle East Now in Port Said

Spanning 15,000 feddans, the El-Fayrouz Fish Farm is expected to help Egypt become more self-efficient.

Staff Writer

The largest fish farming project in the Middle East has just been inaugurated in Port Said. The El-Fayrouz Fish Farm spans 15,000 feddans, and will provide 10,000 full-time job opportunities.

The farm is expected to bridge the gap between production and consumption, reduce imports, increase exports, and help achieve self-sufficiency for the country.

On average, Egyptian households rely on fish for 25.3% of its protein intake, or 23.5 kilos of fish per person annually. Especially in coastal cities like Alexandria or Suez, fish acts as an important staple in the local diet.

El-Fayrouz Fish Farm isn’t the only project aimed at boosting local production. Within the next few months, a number of marble and granite production projects will also be inaugurated in Ain El Sokhna and Ras Sudr, alongside dairy and animal farms in Nubaria and Fayoum.