Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Learn from the Pros With These Workshops at Creative Industry Summit

With five days of workshops at DOwntown Cairo's Nile Ritz-Carlton, we've got an early look at some of the most exciting sessions that will offer us an insight into Egypt's creative industry.

Farah Ibrahim

Learn from the Pros With These Workshops at Creative Industry Summit

In what is shaping up to be its biggest edition yet, the Creative Industry Summit is set to return with five days of workshops, talks and more starting November 28th. Taking place at Downtown Cairo’s Nile Ritz-Carlton, the annual event is once again bringing together experts from all corners of the creative fields in Egypt and the Middle East - fields that have never been in better shape than they are now.

This year, the summit will feature an impressive 21 tracks, among them advertising, media, sports, gaming, music, film and even food innovation, and will hold a host of workshops that will dive into the intricacies of these creative crafts, as well as more general - but equally as important - elements of working on the creative fields.

DELIVERING HAPPINESS | Menna Saeed, Culture Development Associate Director at Mountain View | Nov. 28th

Chasing that elusive thing we call happiness, Menna Saeed will help participants understand how to find peace of mind and reach a state of mindfulness in the breakneck speed of working in today’s creative fields - because a happy worker is a more creative worker.

E-COMMERCE FOR STARTUPS | Led by Manal Negmeldin, Direct Channels Head at ElAraby Group | Nov. 28th

The whole world has its gaze on Egypt’s e-commerce field right now and there’s no better time to dive headfirst into what is one of the country’s fastest growing sectors. Manal Negmeldin will take attendees through the dos and don'ts of e-commerce, touching on everything from defining a business persona, to honing in on customer niches, to how to market online.

BUILD YOUR OWN BUSINESS 101 | Led by Shady Mokhtar, CEO and Co-founder of Opio | Nov. 30th

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they feel they’ve had the lightbulb moment that’s going to get that first million in the bank - but bringing it to reality is another matter altogether. In this workshop, entrepreneur Shady Moktar will lean on his own experience of starting a business, including how to undertake feasibility studies and developing a working plan for those rocky first six months.

EVENT LIGHTING | Led by Baher George, Managing Director of Prolite | December 1st

Lighting can be the difference maker in any event, big or small, something that Baher George understands all too well, having worked in this very specific and very critical area of events. A mixture of technical and creative, the workshop will hone in on everything from what equipment to use, to using lighting as an interactive, experiential element of an event.

The Creative Industry Summit 2021 is taking place between November 28th and December 1st. Get your tickets at and stay tuned for full coverage of the event on #CairoScene.