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Leather Lovin’

Leather is sophisticated, stylish and sexy. Don’t you want your home to be sophisticated, stylish and sexy? That’s a silly question, of course you do.

In comes Kuka. Even though its name misleadingly sounds like a kitschy, cute clothing boutique, guess what? It’s not. It’s actually a furniture store that caters to all your gorgeous leather furniture desires. Leather couches conjure up images of (the ridiculously sexy) Don Draper sipping his whiskey on the rocks whilst lounging on his plush leather sofa, George Clooney doing whatever George Clooney does in his spare time with his über-hot model/actress/otherwise absurdly gorgeous girlfriend of the moment, John Mayer strumming his guitar in his cool urban chic apartment (in our minds, we are also sitting on that couch, and the song he’s singing is directed at us). But we digress. Leather makes for cool, classic yet comfortable home furniture and Kuka does it every which way.

From huge, plush, L-shaped leather couches in sophisticated neutral tones for you to lounge on (looking über stylish, naturally) after a torturous day of work to deep purple loveseats that make you feel like modern day royalty, and everything in between, there’s literally a leather look for everyone. Because everyone needs a stylish leather sofa in their home the way everyone needs a leather jacket; it’s in the ABCs of interior designing, people. Leather couch=instant style. They’re even kid friendly (extra bonus points), because you can simply wipe off spills that would otherwise soak into a fabric sofa.

It’s laid-back meets luxurious, modern meets old school, classic meets comfort. In other words, it’s basically perfect. And who are we to question perfection? We can’t all have George Clooneys to go home to but we can sure as hell have gorgeous leather couches.

Kuka Furniture (inside Image):  Zahraa El Maadi Tower, Corniche El Maadi, Cairo. For more information on Kuka and to see the latest collections, check out their Facebook page here