Monday September 25th, 2023
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Les Concierges Egypt: The End of the Meshwar

A brilliant new corporate concierge service has just landed in Egypt, and they're ready to relieve employees of trivial and tedious errands - even dreaded government papers. We talk to founder Youssef Fayez to find out more...

Staff Writer

Les Concierges is an all purpose personal concierge service that started in India almost 15 years ago as a way to try to find a balance between life and work for the employees of any company, and has now landed in Egypt.

"People waste on average about two hours a day - a day - on personal administration, running errands, paying bills..." Youssef Fayez, founder of Les Concierges Egypt tells us. That's two hours out of the standard eight hour work day completely wasted. Project deadlines aren't met because Foulan has to pay his car installment, apply for his visa, scour the web for a restaurant to take his wife, who also needs him to pick up travel tickets on the way back. Foulan is pretty f**ed. How's he going to get any work done when the trivial pressures of modern day meshwars procrastinate every productive thought?

Now multiply Foulan by 200 more employees and that's 400 hours of work time down the drain every single day for most companies which affects profits in the long run. That's where Les Concierges come in. "Whilst most concierge companies concentrate on VIP client services, what we do is make sure the employees of Egypt are benefiting," Fayez says. How it works is your company will pay a fee of between 6-10,000 LE and a concierge professional, who has been trained with the same impeccable techniques used in India, will be deployed to your offices. He will be on call every day to pay bills, run errands, book nights out, hire cars, take pets to vets, make doctors appointments, organise events, shop for you and basically do anything you or your employees need at a moment's notice (not including anything immoral or illegal, mind).

Yes! Les Concierges picked up our skin whitening cream!

The costs have already been taken care of by the company, and employees will only have to pay cost price of any meshwar which is usually between 10 - 15 LE. Soon you'll find Foulan happy and productive as can be. The best part is they also do government papers. It seems too good to be true, but those hours spent wasted, sweaty and bothered waiting at the Mugamma3 will be taken care of by Les Concierges Egypt, and that includes processing visa papers, renewing car licences and national IDs, military papers... everything. This is all possible due to the extensive amount of connections in every single field built up by Fayez over the years to make sure that literally every kind of request has a 100% accomplishment rate. "For example, if you want flowers delivered... I have made sure that there are at least five different flower companies on hand to take the order, and this is the same with every kind of service we offer."

After working hours they also have a 24 hour hot-line to take any requests on the spot; "the business has proven to be successful in many ways as they give everyone more time to do what's important, leaving both the client and their workers much happier," says Fayez. Go on then, tell your boss.

To inquire about Les Concierges services and packages contact 02 25745092 or check them out on Facebook here.