Monday May 29th, 2023
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'Les Petits Chats': A Film by Sherif Nakhla on Egypt's Legendary 60s Band

Filmmaker Sherif Nakhla will be releasing a rockumentary about the famous 60s band later this month!

Staff Writer

Les Petits Chats were pioneers in the music industry at the start of their promising career in the late sixties with front man Wagdi Francis on vocals, Ezzat Abou Ouf on keyboards, Freddy Rizk and Bert Andresia on guitars and Omar Khairat on drums. The band once had a massive cult following, with fans all over the country and region as they toured through places such as Syria, Lebanon and beyond. And now fans can reminisce and rejoice as film maker Sherif Nakhla took particular interest in Les Petits Chats and the band’s prominent history, recently releasing a trailer announcing the arrival of the now much anticipated rockumentary which reached almost 60,000 views since its release by Middlewest Films and on social media only a little over a week ago.

The nostalgia-bound documentary will take a closer look into the lives of the band members before, during and after their glory days, and follows the band’s several changes in line-up over the years while featuring the likes of Talaat Zein, Hany Shenouda and Pino Phares. It also captures moments from their recent reunion performances in 2009 and 2010, around 30 years after their initial break up. Expect loads of Ray Charles, The Beatles and James Brown covers, among plenty of more Western hits. The film is set for its release in Egypt some time in November/December and will be premiered on the 16th and 17th of October at the Arabian Sights Film Festival in Washington DC.

For more info visit Middlewest Films website here.

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