Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Like Jelly & Shaware3na at CJC

Saturday L'Orientale at Cairo Jazz Club combines cool sounds and side-splitting laughter for an awesome end to the weekend.

Staff Writer

Like Jelly & Shaware3na at CJC

When it comes to Like Jelly there is no such thing as just music. The satirical Indie band plays music with a message, combining melody with humor. Their set on November 29th at Cairo Jazz Club is more than just a gig, it's a comical performance which will have you in heaps of laughter while tapping your toes as they get this Saturday L'Orientale underway with their much-anticipated return to the stage. 

Following Like Jelly's opening set, Shaware3na band will take over and perform the best of their music, centralising their sociopolitical views in song. Music has never been filled with so much laughter, meaning and entertainment, making sure that the weekend ends on a high note. Music lovers and comedy enthusiasts will only need one plan on Saturday, and it involves Cairo Jazz club, starting at 10pm.

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