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Linea: The Brand Transforming Illustrations Into Stunning Wearable Art

These jewellery pieces let you have your art and wear it too.

Dora earrings.

Lin•ea \ ˈlin-ē-ə: the Latin word for a line or linear body structure; this is the inspiration behind newly launched Egyptian jewellery brand Linea Jewelry Co. The brand utilizes line art to create simple but effective design styles. The designer behind the brand, Yara Ismael, describes the jewellery as statement pieces catered to minimalists.

The brand was founded by three partners: Ismael, the designer and graphic designer, alongside Mahfouz Azzam and Abdelrahman Tarek, both of whom were originally engineers. The idea for the brand came towards the end of Ramadan 2019, but after a long period of testing and experimenting with different styles and materials, Linea Jewelry Co. finally launched just one week ago.

As a graphic designer, Ismael was drawn to illustration over other forms of design and made it the main concept behind the new brand. “I’m an illustrator. It’s my passion, and I can spend hours working on an illustration and perfecting it,” she said. For her inspirations, Ismael cited multiple artists such as Kit Agar, Shatha Dafai, and Pablo Picasso in particular whose ‘Portrait of Dora Maar’ (1937) inspired the brand’s Dora earrings.

According to Ismael, creating jewellery from her art means being able to exhibit her work on real people; a wearable art gallery if you will. After much experimenting, Linea Jewelry Co. currently uses laser-cut gold-plated silver to ensure premium quality at a reasonable price, while avoiding allergic reactions or rashes on the wearer. “It took so much experimenting to get a perfectly comfortable product, everything from the weight of the pieces to the earring stopper we use,” she said. 

In the future, the brand wants to expand into using other materials as well, including handmade jewellery and copper. For now, the pieces are available to purchase through the brand’s Instagram page, and they soon hope to feature their products in showrooms and boutiques. We absolutely love the use of illustration art on these jewellery pieces. What kind of drawing would you ask to be made into jewellery? Let us know in the comments below.