Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Liver Surgery: New Themed Restaurant is Designed to Look Like an Operating Room

The new restaurant 'Doctor Kebda' in Damanhur has employees dressed in physician scrubs and has social media buzzing about it.

Staff Writer

Eating organs like liver has many associations. Street food carts, Alexandrian spices, and even those days at the end of the month before the salary kicks in. But never an operating room. But a new restaurant in Damanhur called Doctor Kebda has taken it a step above thinking and was actually set up like an operating room, with their employees dressed in scrubs to look like physicians. Each worker at the restaurant wears a different colour to signify if they are a server, steward, or chef. The kitchen is visible to the customer, and inside you can see several cooks all dressed in blue scrubs, 'operating' on your delicious Alexandrian liver plate on hospital-like surgery tables before it is served to you.

The restaurant took social media by storm, with countless people expressing how hilarious the whole concept is. Others however, couldn't really take 'Doctor Kebda' for what it is, a unique light-hearted idea for an amusing novelty food spot, claiming that the employees' outfits are 'disrespectful and degrading' to real physicians. Some people, it seems, just can't take a joke. 


All photos by Mohamed Abd El Ghany/Reuters.