Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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London Biennale 2018 Awards Egypt with Most Outstanding Overall Contribution

Egyptian design installation, Modernist Indignation, won Egypt the Biennale 2018's "most outstanding overall contribution" award.

Staff Writer

Egypt was recently awarded the London Design Biennale 2018’s medal for the “most outstanding overall contribution” at the exhibition for its installation, Modernist Indignation.

“Modernist Indignation” was organised by architect Mohamed Elshahed, the founder of online blog and print magazine Cairo Observer, and the curator of several other exhibitions. The installation will be presented as a contemporary re-imagining of a 1939 exhibition that was held by Al Emara, the first Arabic design magazine of its kind. In juxtaposing old and new elements of architecture, the installation brilliantly captures the loss of Egypt’s modernist architecture, and forces its viewers to contemplate how the language of a design that was once so popular with society has been neglected, and left uncredited within history.

London Biennale 2018 defined the "Modernist Indignation" as “an elegy for a rapidly disappearing culture, seen through the prism of the first Arabic design magazine", according to the National.

The Biennale, which runs from September the 4th to the 23rd at the Somerset House, features exhibitions from 40 different countries and cities, with the theme being "emotional states." This year's biennale focuses on the impact of design on our emotions and daily lives. 

Other award winners included the United States, which was presented with “most inspiring interpretation of the 2018 theme,” and Latvia, which was awarded “most exceptional design." Honourable mentions were given to China and Poland. The fourth medal will be announced on September 19th and voted on by the audience. 

Main image taken from the National.ae