Wednesday December 6th, 2023
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Loopstache And Disco Misr To Tear It Up At CJC

Get another dose of the bumpin' and groovin' sounds of Lebanese duo Loopstache, and local legends Disco Misr, at Cairo Jazz Club this weekend.

Staff Writer
Lebanese moving and shaking Electro trio Loopstache are set to return for another epic performance at Cairo Jazz Club this Friday. Accompanying them will also be local heroes Disco Misr, so this is definitely not the Friday for you to catch up on Scooby Doo reruns while eating a tub of koshary; this is the day you get your ass over to CJC for a party because two epic acts are taking the musical reigns. 
Set the tone for a kickass new year by going on down to funky town courtesy of your guides Loopstache. If you missed their last gig at CJC, you really messed up. But luckily, these boys are the generous forgiving type and are willing to give you another chance this weekend. 
What is a Loopstache anyway? We can’t stop thinking about it. Is it like when a mustache connects to a goatee to make a full loop? Or like when hipsters grow their mustache tips so long they can tie them together under their mouths? We’ll have to ask the dudes from Loopstache - they seem like cool cats, we’re sure they’ll fill us in. That is as soon as they’re done tearing it up with the funky beats and sweet, sweet, melodies that make up the Loopstache trademark sound. 
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