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Luxor International Hospital is Being Expanded into a Medical Complex

Luxor International Hospital, the city's main hospital, is undergoing upgrades while external medical wings have been added.

We’d say that Luxor healthcare is getting a glow-up, but that might diminish the transformative scale of what the Luxor International Hospital is about to go through. The hospital is getting converted to the Luxor International Medical Complex, with new wings and hospitals specialized around specific fields added around the main building.

The complex will include a family health centre, an optometry hospital, an ER hospital, a transplants wing, and a liver dialysis centre. The main hospital is currently underway to receive its own upgrades as well.

The news came out after Minister of Health Hala Zayed took a tour of the hospital to supervise the upgrades and renovations being made to Luxor International Hospital before it officially gets renamed.