Saturday 26 of November, 2022
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Luxor’s Hot Air Balloons Resume After 80 Day Hiatus

They’re back up and flying..

Staff Writer

Carrying 19 foreign tourists, Tuesday saw the first hot air balloon grace Luxor’s skies after operating companies were shut down and underwent renovation for 80 days. During the companies' period of hiatus, the balloons and security systems were undergoing upgrades to ensure safety.

Among the security protocols and procedures they called for were a tracker and better intercom technologies, and the Civil Aviation Authority took the appropriate measures in doing so. One of the hot air balloon pilots had recently lost control of the wind direction, and ended up landing in a deserted mountainous range.

Chairman of Luxor's Travel and TOurism Chamber, Tharwat Agamy, praised the quick turnaround, adding that hot air balloon rides had become a trademark of the historic city, and the only experience of its kind in Egypt.