Tuesday May 21st, 2024
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Luxury Ride-Hailing Service Wheely Launches in Dubai

Trained chauffeurs will cater to the burgeoning number of millionaires moving to the Emirates.

Patrick Davies

Luxury Ride-Hailing Service Wheely Launches in Dubai

Wheely, a luxury competitor to Uber-owned Careem in the ride-hailing sector, has launched in Dubai, taking on stiff competition from the two dominant players.

As part of its debut in the city, Wheely will offer users a ride in BMW 5 Series cars for the first time, in anticipation of the i5 electric version being added to their fleet in the future.

Dubai is the recipient of the largest immigration of millionaires worldwide, and as such a ride-hailing service tailored toward a more high-end clientele has an opportunity to stand out. Prices of an average ride with Wheely are considerably higher than the same ride with Careem, but the bespoke service of Wheely’s trained chauffeurs provides a different level of experience.

Drivers are trained to greet customers, collect their bags and take other measures to make riders feel special. First class options even allow riders to request their chauffeur to pick things up on the way to collect their passengers, such as a package or flowers for a loved one.

The COVID-19 pandemic - which had prompted Wheely to delay its launch in Dubai - was cause for grave concern for all ride-hailing platforms across the region, with request volumes dropping 99% in 2020. Since then, however, these numbers have bounced back to exceed pre-pandemic numbers. Though Wheely has only just launched in Dubai, there are already plans to expand the Middle East team and chauffeur network to more than 1,000 within the next five years.