Saturday May 18th, 2024
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MIP on How the Private Sector Can Help Fight Climate Change

Misr Italia Properties wrap up an eventful start to the UN Climate Change Conference in Sharm El Sheikh, COP27.

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MIP on How the Private Sector Can Help Fight Climate Change

With the theme of the COP27 UN Climate Change Conference centering around 'Together for Implementation', governments, companies and movements have gathered in Sharm El Sheikh to discuss the next step in the global fight against climate change. Not to discuss theories and pledges and promises, but to bring all these abstracts into action. Misr Italia Properties (MIP), a leading real estate development company in Egypt, has already acted on their own green ambitions throughout their developments. And now, as their participation in the conference comes to a close, they're sharing their experience in implementation at an upcoming panel titled 'How can private companies advance the climate agenda?'

In cooperation with UN Global Compact Network Egypt, MIP will discuss how climate action is an ongoing action rather than a single dramatic event, one that requires extensive collaboration - as MIP has demonstrated throughout the conference, such as with their recent signing with Schneider Electric to implement smart city technologies across their developments. In this way, the panel looks to emphasise COP27’s, showcasing MIP’s efforts and collaborations with NGOs and the private sector to build a more sustainable environment and advance the climate change agenda.

Throughout the course of the panel, MIP will also highlight how companies across different sectors currently interact with key stakeholders to drive their sustainability agenda, showcase practical ways in which such collaborations can be set up by sharing success regional and local stories, and spotlight UN Global Compact's key learnings globally with private corporations.