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MJ Live at Tamarai

When I was about 8 my sister forced me and my brothers into a massive talent competition in London. She choreographed a dance and lip-sync routine to Michael Jackson songs and called us M3.

We actually won the competition.  It was somewhat convoluted though, as we were all small, brown and had afros but weren’t doing Jackson 5 hits but Billie Jean and Black & White.  Through a series of quite ridiculous events, 15 years later I’m at Tamarai watching another Michael Jackson performer lip-syncing and dancing to Billie Jean under the coercion of my sister in order to write a blog about it for MO4′s (sound familiar?) CairoScene. Seems like everyday things change, but basically they stay the same. Except Michael Jackson who was black then white then faked a death in order to come back as an impersonator called Earnest Valentino to impersonate himself. Check out the video below of him performing on the Tamarai stage!

Heee heee. MJ impersonating Earnest Valentino impersonating MJ at Tamarai
I had noticed for the past 2 years that Tamarai had been playing This Is It on the screens all over the club. Maybe it was to subliminally get us excited for this event and it worked. There was a sense of euphoria around tamtam as the MJ clone danced to hit after hit with the crowd going completely mental when he finally broke out the moonwalk. I’m thinking about re-uniting M3…