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Maadi NYE Party 2017: How Grownups Celebrate New Year's Eve

For its 6th edition, the Maadi NYE Party remains true to its non-mainstream roots, bringing together some of Cairo's coolest kids for one epic New Year's Eve party to rule them all!

To some, New Year's Eve is an intimate occasion, a thin line that separates the past and the future, a time to take stock, while looking forward to what has yet to come. Some do so in their pajamas with a big bowl of popcorn on their lap, some do it in tuxedos with a glass of bubbly in hand. Those who fall under the latter category belong at the Maadi NYE Party!

The 5-year-old tradition has brought together Cairo’s grownups to mark the occasion with a grand vomit-free celebration every year. It all started when a group of friends decided they weren’t enduring other people’s erratic party antics anymore and set out to create their own NYE tradition with the first ever Maadi New  Year’s Eve Party on a rooftop 6 years ago. Little did they know, their little tradition would soon garner a cult following and now the city’s cool kids are lining up to join!   

For its sixth edition, the Maadi NYE Party remains true to its non-mainstream roots, set to rock the iconic Dusit Thani with a line up from heaven, that’ll see DJ Lyon spin you into 2017 with a happy booty and even happier ears, before the sultry sounds of London-based songstress Lauren Rose fill the air with merriment and joy, and famed belly dancer Maya Maghraby defies the laws of gravity with her supernaturally graceful moves! Also, set to perform is Ah ya Donia singer Poussy who shall bring the house down with thunderous applause, and Ibizan go go dancers will see to it that the evening’s vibes permeate the room!

And also, seeing as people will be lining up by the dozens, some will inevitably be stuck outside the room waiting. Your wait at the entrance will be made less dreary with mind illusionist Moustapha Berjaoui, whose elaborate games and tricks will take your mind off it, just don't forget to actually attend the party once you're done waiting, he's quite crafty!

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