Monday May 29th, 2023
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Mada Marketplace: More Than A Bazaar

The Greek Campus will once again open its doors as a cultural hub, as they host Mada Marketplace. In addition to art, music, and a myriad of stalls loaded with goodies, the event will also instigate conversation about creativity and entrepreneurship.

Staff Writer

The Greek Campus, a hub for culture and conversation following the legacy that was bestowed on it by the former American University in Cairo, is opening its doors once more to get Cairo talking and conversing about the things that make Cairo go round. On April 25th 2015, Mada Marketplace presents Egyptian designs, foods and entertainment for everyone to enjoy in the beautiful outdoor setting. But don’t expect another bazaar of handmade crafts and homemade foods; while these things will certainly be part of Mada Marketplace, the event is so much more than just that.

The Generation Y of Egypt has long gathered for cultural events at the Greek campus, and at Mada Marketplace, the chance to bring a voice to local artists, entertainers, entrepreneurs and some of the biggest innovators, together with the young and fresh hopefuls of Egypt, is more prominent than ever. Members of Dokan, the hip furniture store, meet TBS, the delicious pastry shop, and open the conversation about quality goods made in Egypt. And at Mada, attendees have an interest in the stories they tell as much as in the goods that they sell.

Up-and-coming businesses will be attending to meet the fresh thinkers of Cairo. Our favourite art exhibitor Arts Mart will be there to entertain art lovers, while Ain Bicycles will be sharing their success story of bringing bikes to the streets of Zamalek and beyond. AUC Press will have their latest and best books on display while Azza Fahmy and her design school will teach you a thing or two about making it in the creative business in Egypt. Many other interesting businesses will be participating, such as Fair Trade Egypt, the Egyptian branch of the worldwide non-profit organisation that is improving lives and the quality of goods around the world by employing values of fair trade for Egypt’s manufacturers. There is lots to be learned and lots to be discovered.

Besides exhibiting and selling their goods, vendors won’t be the only ones bringing the conversation. Artists and live performers will be bringing the smiles and entertaining those who are just going for a fun day out, taking in all the spirit and atmosphere the Greek Campus has to offer. Food booths and pop-up restaurants allow you to feast in the sun surrounded by music, shows, and vibrancy and catch a glimpse of the businesses, individuals and institutions that make our city come to life each day. Numerous other food and drink professionals will have you sample their food and tell you all about their revolutionary concepts that are about to transform Egypt. And since it’s an all-day event, the sunset will be rocked by DJ Habiba so that everyone can get together over a groove or two.

At Mada Marketplace, you don’t just show up to shop. You may walk away with new goodies, but you are also going to have an incredible day full of interesting stories, delicious foods, top notch entertainment, and good vibes. For 40 LE, your day will be enriched by like-minded people who are seeking exchange and dialogue about Egypt’s future, its new trends and latest products and services. If you want to be part of the chat in the future, the chat starts at the Greek Campus for you, on April 25, with Mada Masr.