Monday 28 of November, 2022
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Magrabi Just Opened a New Concept Store in Marassi

Boasting a collection of designer eyewear from over 60 internationally-renowned brands.

Staff Writer

There isn't a self-respecting, eyewear-holic Cairene who hasn't been to Magrabi at least once. The Egyptian eyewear brand is established in every neighborhood of the capital and across the country as the go-to place for the most fabulous shades and glasses an Egyptian could lay hands on, and now they're taking Sahel with a new concept store in the heart of North Coast at Marassi.

With a meticulously-curated collection, Magrabi's new store in Marassi boasts a drooling collection of designer eyewear that's bringing the world's most premium brands to our beach getaway; think Bvlgari, Prada, D&G, Vogue, Ray-Ban and pretty much every other internationally-renowned brand one can think of, all of which are sold exclusively at Magrabi's Marassi store, and with a limited-time 'gift with purchase' offer. 

When in Sahel, one can't have too many sunglasses, all the more reason Magrabi's Marassi store is set to be the eyewear Mecca of the north coast this year, while also coming complete with its own kids section, offering the newest and funkiest collection of child-sized frame and specialisied lenses. They're also throwing a lot of freebies; air puffs; floating mats, and many more, in the bunch to make it all the more exciting. 

It goes without saying that Magrabi are also taking their uncontested medical expertise all the way to this new eyewear wonderland in Marassi, meaning you never have to legit freak out if your glasses go missing after a crazy night out (no one's judging here).So if you're out by the beach and feel your eyewear game has been needing a long overdue upgrade, checkout Magrabi's new store in Marassi.

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