Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Mahraganat Performances Just Got Banned

Like, forever.

Staff Writer

In light of the recent drama that went down at Cairo Stadium, Head of the Musicians' Syndicate Hany Shaker has announced a permanent ban of mahraganat singers from further performances in any of Egypt’s tourist sites, Nile cruises, nightclubs, venues, or cafés— so basically anywhere.

Hassan Shakosh and Omar Kamal, the artists behind Egypt’s current hit 'Bent El Geran', performed the bop during a Valentine’s Day concert at Cairo Stadium. As it so happened, lyrics referencing substance abuse were included in the performance even after Shaker asked them to omit them in advance. Oop, the tea is piping hot. 

The Musician's Syndicate claimed that the current situation poses a threat to arts and culture due to the genre's suggestive themes and language, and may lead to a moral decline among listeners. Incidentally, membership in the syndicate doesn’t just rely on vocal abilities but also requires musicians to agree to a code of ethics. On the other hand, we've seen this movie before - and we all better watch out before a teenage Kevin Bacon moves into town.