Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Maintenance Work To Be Performed On the Pyramid of Khafre

Extracting excess humidity is only one part of the plan.

Staff Writer

Head of the Central Administration for the Restoration and Development of Monuments, Dr. Gharib Sonbol recently announced the undertaking of a maintenance project in the Pyramid of Khafre, which is meant to take place in the coming days after the Eid El-Adha break, reports Egypt Today. 

The maintenance work comes in an effort to maintain Ancient Egyptian monuments, and is in collaboration with the Ministry of Antiquities. Sonbol added that the maintenance will take place in between short intervals of time as the Pyramids of Giza are important cultural monuments.

The restoration, which includes the strengthening of stones, color stabilasation and stone separation, will start at the Pyramid of Khafre, and extend to all the adjacent pyramidst. The plan includes extracting humidity and salts from the pyramids as well as monitoring the internal temperature within each one. Several electrical units will also be set up inside each pyramid in order to vacuum excess humidity. 

The Central Administration for the Restoration and Devolpment of Monuments has created a development plan which they've already submitted to the standing committee, and is pending approval to begin maintenance work. If the plan is refused, a new one will be submitted by the Central Administration.  

The second tallest and largest of the Pyramids of Giza, Khafre was the tomb of Chefree (Khafre), a fourth dynasty pharaoh.

Main image taken from thumbs.dreamstime.com