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Are Men That Take Selfies More Likely To be Psychotic?

New research shows that males that take a lot of photos of themselves and edit before posting them may be more predisposed to psychotic behaviour...

It is no secret that Egyptians love a selfie. Even the most macho of men are big fans of taking their own photo on a regular basis whether they're about to go out or playing sports. Research has now concluded that men who are into selfies are more likely to show psychotic behaviour. Really?

The research conducted by Ohio State University asked 800 men between the age of 18 and 40 on social media about self-depiction. The study concluded that men that take frequent selfies or edit their pictures before sharing them are more likely to self-objectify and are more narcissistic than the average male.

Psychotic behavior may not mean selfie-taking men may kill you eventually but they are more likely to show symptoms of self-harm just like it has been known of women who are getting affected by the pressure of looking good. If your boyfriend takes selfies and is a fan of the #Valencia, #XProII #VSCO, an occasional compliment therefore won't hurt.