Sunday September 24th, 2023
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Man Offers Penis to Long Live Egypt

A Fayoum man has not only changed his name to Sisi but has offered every precious part of his body to the nationalistic fund...

Staff Writer

Think you love Sisi? Think again! No matter how much you may or may not have donated to the Long Live Egypt Fund, it pales in comparison to the man who plans to donate his penis and other organs to the collection.

The man formerly known as Amir Diaa El Din, is now known as Sisi Diaa El Din, and is promising his penis to prove that he loves his president and country and is willing to give them any body parts they may need. Changing his name on December 5th 2013, he recently sent a letter to President Abd el Fatah el Sisi, promising to donate all of his body parts for Egypt. Diaa El Din explains to “I'm donating my body parts for the world's best soldiers.” In the letter he also asks Sisi to set up training for citizens to deal with terrorists separate from the army.

The clearly confused and obviously patriotic Diaa El Din claims he doesn't belong to any political parties, and believes that his statement will send a message to the world that Egyptians will do anything for their country and president.

We'll go out on limb and assume that sane Egyptians will offer money, perhaps even services, but we think it is safe to say that Sisi Diaa El Din will be alone in giving up his dong so Egypt can live long.