Sunday September 24th, 2023
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Mandala Yoga Heads to Siwa

With a special excursion to Siwa, led by Seba Khanna, Mandala Yoga ups the spirituality game this September.

Staff Writer

Sharing their spiritual, life-changing experiments with people, Mandala Yoga wants to take you on a soul-refreshing journey with their latest spiritual excursion to Siwa. 

Lead by Yogi Seba Khanna, the retreat will focus on her specialty, vinyasa style yoga, between the 25th and 29th September. Attendees will be staying at foot of the famous Red Mountain (Adrere Azugagh) of Siwa, facing the magnificent White Mountain (Adrere Amellal), overlooking the vast Gary Lake and the timeless dunes of the Great Sand Sea; the relaxing oasis located in the middle of the western desert, where pilgrimage was a common act throughout history.

From the Oracle Temple of Amun to the declaration of Zeus' parentage to Alexander the Great, this place is much more than a place to clear one's mind; it's a meditation destination. Breathtaking scenery is part of the seemingly-magical healing process; taking in the view of the clear sand and the impressionism-like mountains treats all the troubles a soul can have and return back to the busy city of Cairo like a newborn.

Check their Facebook Page and the Event for more info.