Thursday June 1st, 2023
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Marc Wahba Is Teaming Up with Loft 21 to Transform Your Tuesday Nights

After-work cocktails. Gourmet bites. Slick tunes by Marc Wahba. We dare you to find a flaw.

Staff Writer

Tuesdays are generally the epitome of midweek misery. Your boss has been yelling like a crazy demonic goat, you've finished all your Panadol, including your backup stash, and if you eat one more greasy stale fry from some generic fast food place you will actually start sobbing at the office.

To remedy the horror that is generally Tuesday, run out of the office as soon as your boss disappears to replenish their coffee or whatever demonic hell-goats drink, and head over to Loft 21 for their weekly Tuesday night Loft 21 Experience, where it's all gourmet bites and chilled out vibes. The Garden City spot is the perfect place for delicious after work drinks high above the city where you can complain about work until you're too tipsy too care, all while taking in an insane view of Cairo.

One of the city's slickest spinners, Marc Wahba will be curating the smooth tunes and of course, there will be lots of cocktails - because how else is one expected to survive the rest of the week? That is not a rhetorical question. 



With everything from grilled octopus, to scallop and caviar risotto, to the best damn Amaretto Sour in the city, this is the best possible version of your Tuesday night that will ever exist. It's definitely way better than watching Seinfeld reruns in bed and falling asleep with mustard on your face.

You can check out Loft 21 on Facebook here or follow them on Instagram @loft21egypt.