Sunday June 23rd, 2024
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March On

We've put together a list of where all the #June30 marches will be happening around Cairo...

Staff Writer

March On

If you're planning on heading down to the streets to protest here's a list of where the marches in Cairo are happening. Here's a handy list of things you should be bringing with you to stay safe. Here's a guide on what to wear to stay as protected as possible.

Marches to Ittahadya

- Nour Mosque march (next to Ain Shams university): going through Salah Salem then Marghany Street then Ittahadeya.

- Ain Shams university going to Nour Mosque then taking the same route.

- Nasr city march: Foing through Omar Ibn Khatab street then City Stars, Thawra Street, Marghany Street then Ittahadeya.

- Hegazy square march: going through Abo Bakr street to Haram street then Ittahadeya.

- Ain Shams march: Going through Alf Maskan, Gesr el Suez street, military service bridge (where they meet up with the Matareya march), Zeiton, Tharaya el Kobba (where they meet up with the Kobba march), Hegaz square then Ittahadya.

- Matareya march: MatareyaSsquare going through the military service bridge (where they meet up with the Ain Shams march).

- Shobra march: the Shobra roundabout going through Ramses Street, Abbasya Square, Salah Salem Street, Marghany Street and then Ittahadya.

Marches to Tahrir

- Mohandiseen march (joined by the Imbaba and Boulaq marches): Mostafa Mahmoud Square going through Gaamet El Dowal Street, Dokki Square, Tahrir Street, Kasr el Nile bridge to Tahrir Square.

- Sayeda Zeinab march: Sayeda Zeinab Square going through Bab el Khalq Street, Mohamed Nageeb Street then Talaat Harb Square to Tahrir Square.

- Giza march (joined by Haram, Faisal, El Manial and the old Cairo march): Esteqama Mosque going through Mourad Street, Galaa bridge, Kasr el Nile bridge to Tahrir.

- Ministry of Culture march (in Zamalek): Zamalek to Tahrir at 4 pm.

Southern Cairo marches (at 12 pm to Algeria Square in Maadi)


- El Basatin

- Saqr Quraish

- Zahraa Maadi

- Arab Maadi

These marches will then move to Huraya Square in Maadi.

Marches going directly to Huraya Square at 12 pm.

- Fayda kamel

- Dar el Salam

- El Matba3a

All of these marches will move from Huraya Square in Maadi at 2pm to Tahrir and Ittahadya.